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Cannon Shots & Falling Poppies Mark Remembrance Day in Uxbridge

November 26th, 2014

Hand-made crochet poppies caught the attention of passers-by in the window of Waldings & Son this year.
Relief Arranger Alison Millard made the poppies, and gave permission for them to be hung in the window, as if they were petals falling from the sky.

Also featured were a Royal British Legion wreath, poems, and the Union Flag. A copy of a military headstone formed the tribute to fallen soldiers, with two original WW1 helmets tipped over at the base of the headstone

At 11am, on Tuesday 11/11/14, Suzette O’Rourke and two Lodge Brothers employees (Mr Pollington and Mr Aldridge) stood in silent tribute outside the Waldings branch: the start and finish of the two minute silence was marked by a cannon shot from RAF Uxbridge.

On Wednesday 12/11/14, families were already visiting Waldings to make a donation to The Royal British Legion in order to own one of these very individual poppies, and were assured that every penny would be sent to the charity.