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Dear Suzette
We have received many complements about the funeral. the Order of Service that you produced was especially praised as it included photographs of Arthur as a grandfather as well as my husband. We really have appreciated the excellent service you provided, I HAVE given our solicitor a letter to go with my will stating that as long as I still live in the area I really do want Waldings to manage my funeral and I am still thinking about paying for my funeral in advance. I do have life insurance but am also aware of the rate at which the cost of a funeral is rising and am therefore giving it a lot of thought.
Many thanks and God bless

Mrs C - Iver Heath | 31.01.2020

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. Everything went very well and James and the team did brilliantly.
Everyone said it was a lovely service so we are very grateful.

Mrs S - West Drayton | 14.01.2020

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service as always, the day went as planned. Thank you for your support and empathy. I hope to meet with you again soon to order the new headstone.

Mrs R - Uxbridge | 17.01.2020

Dear Suzette,
I conducted the funeral service for the Late EH at Breakspear on Monday in the East Chapel. I am just writing to commend Paul who was the Conductor on the day, not only for his professionalism but for the way in which he showed compassion to the mourners who came to pay respect to their neighbour. He made a point of commending them for what they had done for their friend and neighbour who had no family of her own to mourn her. It was a very poignant moment, one which they appreciated and were touched to receive, and one may I say you cannot train for – you either have that level of compassion or you don’t. It was a pleasure to work alongside him. Would you please be kind enough to pass on my gratitude.
Kind regards

Ms M | 29.10.2019

Dear Suzette,
I am deeply grateful for your kindness, and all the time and help that you expended on me. I shall always remember you. I sent the Mississippi Funeral Home your website, and your name – saying how lovely you had been to me. My brother said they had been good. There were two lady funeral directors who had come to take W away. A family firm, just like yours.
I think your children are lucky to have a Mum like you!
Thanks. With love, best wishes

Mrs W - Ruislip & Mississippi | 11.10.2019